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Customized Computer Programming  


Igo Computer Consulting, Inc. (ICC) has created many different types of databases for companies in various industries (such as automotive, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecom and education).  Virtually anything can be done using the database technologies employed by ICC (such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel).  For example, ICC has created databases to:

  • Track employee hours and generate work schedules based on employee hours
  • Track employee spending via a card reader system, and allow supervisors to set budgets for employee spending
  • Track retail purchases and adjust inventory levels via a barcode scanner system
  • Track and report key data vital for a company to run efficiently
  • Track mass distributions to a set of employees via a card reader system in order to avoid multiple distributions to an employee
  • Track attendance at meetings via a card reader system
  • Log and compile responses to questionnaires
  • Track vehicle inventories and generate transaction reports required by the State of Michigan (RD-108 forms, Temporary Registrations, etc.)
  • Track time employees spend on various tasks and files
  • Track employee evaluations
  • Track invoices and generate monthly receivables for mailing
  • Generate doctors' schedules based on data extracted from an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system
  • Track status and deadlines of files, and generate automated follow-ups for files